One of the most beautiful hidden gems in Southern Colorado is the town of Westcliffe. While the general population of residents is low, the breathtaking scenery and activities are just the opposite. Found amongst the Wet and Sangre de Cristo mountain ranges, you’ll be surrounded by five 14,000-foot peaks, known as the Crestone Group, and an abundance of breathtaking views. When you’re lodging in Westcliffe at The Lamp Post Lodge or the nearby Hillside Cottages, you won’t be wondering what to do, but what to do next!

A perfect destination for family vacations, romantic mountain getaways, and outdoor enthusiasts, you’ll find yourself not wanting to leave our quaint, little piece of heaven in Southern Colorado.  

One of the most sought-after destinations in Westcliffe is found at the Dark Skies of the Wet Mountain Valley, where visitors will be able to experience the night sky as they never have before. With no light pollution, witness the stars as clear as day at Colorado’s first international dark sky community. Also, be sure to run amongst the wolves at the Mission: Wolf Sanctuary, or explore a castle built by one man at Bishop Castle!  

Honestly, no matter what time of the year it is, you’ll never run out of things to do here in Westcliffe or nearby Silver Cliff! That’s why we’ve devoted this page to blogs that will give you some recommendations on things to do, places to visit, and things to try! Be sure to take notes for the next time you visit, for there is too much to do for just one trip! Read through our blogs now and be sure to book your suite now to have the mountain getaway that you deserve! If you’re in the mood to explore, have we got the place for you!


  1. Activities in Nearby Salida

    No matter what time of year it may be, or your reason for visiting, Southern Colorado has an abundance of activities that everyone in your family will absolutely love! Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, fishing enthusiast, hiker, or just looking for a place to relax surrounded by nature and incomparable scenery, you’ll find it here! One of the main benefits that you’ll find when lodging in West…Read More

  2. Cast Your Line in Cotopaxi

    Fishing has been an avenue of peace and solitude around the world for centuries. It doesn’t matter if you catch anything or not, spending time by the water patiently awaiting a bite on your line is a special experience and a chance to free your mind and connect with nature. Whether finding some much-needed solace on your own — just you, your fly rod, and the fish— or having unforgettable bon…Read More

  3. Alpine Lakes

    One of the most peaceful and serene things to view in Southern Colorado is the reflection of the mountain peaks and towering trees upon the crisp, clear water of an alpine lake. Picturesque in its beauty, you’ll have to blink a few extra times just to assure yourself that you’re not in a dream or simply looking at a painting. From just relaxing by the water, fishing, swimming, or getting the c…Read More

  4. Take a Hike in Westcliffe

    There’s something truly special about going for a hike in Southern Colorado. Making your way through the wilderness, breathing in the fresh mountain air as you ascend into the clouds, it’s as if you become one with nature. The wildlife and the breathtaking scenery coalesce and free you from whatever stresses lay behind you in society. And when you’re lodging in Westcliffe, they’ll all be w…Read More

  5. Relaxing in Westcliffe

    If you’ve been following our blog series, you’ve probably begun to realize that Westcliffe is not lacking in activities. When you find yourself staying at The Lamp Post Lodge or the neighboring Hillside Colorado Cottages, you won’t be twiddling your thumbs trying to find something to do. In fact, the only difficulty you’ll have is trying to schedule out everything you want to do during you…Read More

  6. More Activities Around the Royal Gorge

    In our last post, we gave you some exhilarating and memorable activities that you could do at the Royal Gorge while you are lodging in Westcliffe. From guiding yourself down the rushing rapids of the Arkansas River whitewater rafting, enjoying a delicious meal while taking in the scenery on the Royal Gorge Route Train, to riding the highest zip line in America, and more. But soon after writing the…Read More

  7. Beauty and Adventure Found At The Royal Gorge

    When you find yourself lodging in Westcliffe at The Lamp Post Lodge or close by at the Hillside Colorado Cottages, not only will the small town and its immense beauty find a permanent residence in your heart, but you’ll soon realize that you have the best of what Southern Colorado has to offer right in your backyard. Ideal for mountain retreats with the family, a getaway with the love of your li…Read More

  8. Visit Bishop’s Castle

    For anyone visiting Southern Colorado for the first time, it’s not unusual for their jaws to drop. Once you witness the looming peaks of the Sangre de Cristo mountain ranges, you’ll realize that you’ve found the ideal mountain getaway. While lodging in Westcliffe, you’ll feel as if the entire area is yours to explore, because in a way— it is. Westcliffe and its neighboring town of Silver…Read More

  9. Explore San Isabel National Forest

    Planning a family vacation is rough. It seems as if everyone has their own opinion about where the destination should be, and very rarely does everyone come to a civilized group decision. And of course, once you reach your vacation spot, someone is always upset that their voice wasn’t heard. It’s tricky to find a place that appeals to everyone in the family — unless you decide on a mountain …Read More

  10. Run With the Wolves in Westcliffe

    Tired of the constant noise, stress, and overall chaos found within the city? From time to time, it’s crucial to free our minds and immerse ourselves in nature to ease the stress caused by work and all of the other frustrations that daily life dishes out. At Discover SoCo, we’ve got the destination for you. Whether you’re taking a solo trip or planning a family vacation and need a place that…Read More