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For out-of-state visitors who are wanting a real Colorado mountain vacation — complete with the added bonus of natural hot springs, excellent skiing, and world-renowned sights — all of that and more can be found at our picturesque and one-of-a-kind getaway locations. Southern Colorado is so much more than a destination — it’s an experience, and we can’t wait to help you Discover SoCo. Contact us now to schedule your stay!

We’re happy to have you back with us for our blog series on all of the amazing reasons to plan your vacation in Southern Colorado. In part one of this series, we discussed some really exciting and attractive things about Colorado. People rave about the scenery of The Rocky Mountain State and simply can’t get enough of Colorado’s natural beauty. We also love the fact that people who visit Colorado can have the exact amount of solitude and “alone time” as they want. And finally, between the natural hot springs, the many amazing breweries, and the gorgeous town of Colorado Springs (right up the road from our lodgings), what’s not to love about vacations and getaways in Southern Colorado?

In today’s blog, we’ll continue discussing some of the biggest and most popular draws to the most beautiful state in the country. Continue reading to learn about all that SoCo can provide for you and your family when you choose to vacation here.


As, perhaps, one of the biggest reasons that families choose to vacation in Colorado, the skiing opportunities are immense. When you’re staying with us at one of our cabins or lodges, you’ll be only a short distance from some amazing skiing options. Whether you’re vacationing with your whole family, you’re with your sweetheart, or you’re enjoying a solo stay, you’ll love the chance to feel the wind in your hair when you choose to ski in Colorado.


Speaking of enjoying the outdoors here in Southern Colorado, there are so many amazing peaks to stretch your hiking muscle while you’re staying with us. Pikes Peak is right outside of Colorado Springs and the wet mountains and Sangre de Cristo ranges are right outside the town of Westcliffe, all of this within range of Discover SoCo’s awesome cabins and lodges. Whether you’re an experienced hiker who’s looking for your next fourteener, or you’re a novice who wants to get your family out into the fresh, mountain air, you’ll find the perfect hike while you’re staying with us!

Pueblo, Colorado

With Pueblo, CO located just an hour west of our cabins, we thought that we’d share some of the fun and exciting things that this quaint little place has to offer the weekend travelers or family vacationers. Check out the Union Avenue Historic District, the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk, Lake Pueblo State Park, Whitewater Park, Buell Children’s Museum, and so much more. Take an afternoon or evening of your vacation to spend in this adorable little city! You won’t regret it.

Colorado Weather

Many outsiders who aren’t that experienced with Colorado weather often don’t understand this, but we have some of the most beautiful weather of any state in the country. With around 300 days of sunshine every year, Colorado keeps the Vitamin D coming with days that feel warm, even in the winter months. It’s not for no reason that Colorado attracts people from all over the world. Not only is our state picturesque, it is also sunny, fairly free of humidity, and comfortable for many people who have allergies in other places.

Shopping Opportunities

Between little mountain towns, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and all of the other nearby locations, you’ll love the chance to do a little bit of shopping while you’re enjoying your time away from your busy life and hectic schedule. Whether you’re going for some rustic decor at a shop with homemade items or you’re looking for an outlet with your basic stores like Nike and Victoria’s Secret, check out everything that’s nearby our perfect little vacation spot.

No matter who you are, where you’re coming from, or what you’re looking for in a vacation destination, Southern Colorado has everything that you need. You don’t have to be an avid outdoors person to appreciate the beauty, culture, history, and weather in this gorgeous Rocky Mountain State. When you book your family vacation, your secluded babymoon, or your anniversary getaway here in Southern Colorado, you’ll appreciate the best vacation that you’ve had in years.

Why Choose Discover SoCo?

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