No matter what time of year it may be, or your reason for visiting, Southern Colorado has an abundance of activities that everyone in your family will absolutely love! Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, fishing enthusiast, hiker, or just looking for a place to relax surrounded by nature and incomparable scenery, you’ll find it here! One of the main benefits that you’ll find when lodging in Westcliffe at the Lamp Post Lodge or the Hillside Colorado Cottages is how close you are to some of the best towns in Southern Colorado!

In previous posts, we’ve recommended fly fishing in Cotopaxi, seeking adventure around the Royal Gorge, viewing the night sky like never before at the Smokey Jack Observatory, and so much more! The thing is, we’ve only just begun! This time, we’re going to suggest that you take a mere hour-long drive from Westcliffe to the historic town of Salida! Continue reading for a few of the many activities that Salida has in store and keep following our blog for more activities to add to your vacation itinerary. More people are beginning to discover the beauty and experiences that Southern Colorado has to offer, so book your room now before it’s too late!

The Largest National Historic District in Colorado

The town of Salida was originally established in the nineteenth century as a stop for those traveling along the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad, and though the train doesn’t go through the valley anymore, the history is evident as soon as you arrive. One reason for this is the town’s pride of their past. Instead of tearing down older buildings to make room for more modern buildings, Salida celebrates their history and has over 100 historic buildings in the district. Officially added to the National Historic Register in 1984, Salida has the distinct bragging rights of having the largest historic district in all of Colorado!

Enjoy touring the historic buildings while you admire the town’s unique art scene, a plethora of shops, delicious restaurants, and if you’re lucky enough, they may be throwing a festival including the FIBArk which has been celebrating boating on the Arkansas River for over 70 years!

Incredible Hiking Trails

For the outdoor enthusiasts, Salida has nearly 200 hiking trails to choose from trails meant for expert hikers, to easy-going routes that the whole family can enjoy. And no need to worry if you find yourself visiting during the winter season, since many of these trails are open for snowshoeing when the ground is blanketed in the pristine white of the snow.

Tour the Creative District

While the town is certainly historic and quaint, that doesn’t mean it lacks creativity. Just the opposite in fact! Officially designated as a “Certified Creative District” in 2012, Salida is home to many art studios and galleries, locally owned restaurants, breweries, shops, and so much more. The town is extremely proud of its arts community and focuses heavily on ensuring that the creative industries are able to prosper, in turn helping to create economic sustainability.

Take a Stroll on the Riverwalk Path

If you plan on taking your mountain retreat before the snow begins to fall, you’re definitely going to want to mosey around Salida’s riverwalk path! Surrounded by incredible, locally owned restaurants, an event center and more, this is a perfect location to take a book and enjoy the scenery. With plenty of spots to take a dip, the kids will be more than happy splashing around in the water. And as the leaves begin to change from green to an assortment of breathtaking oranges and red, you’re going to want to have your camera or cell phone with you to snap some photos of the area.

Discover SoCo

To reiterate, these are just a few of the many options you have when you decide to take a trip to Salida from Westcliffe! Continue to follow our blog and we’ll be sure to add even more activities for you to enjoy! At Discover SoCo, we want to help make your mountain vacation unforgettable, so if any of these options strike your fancy, add it to your trip itinerary! To explore your home away from home, book your room now! We can’t wait to see you!