There is something special about looking into the night sky and witnessing the wonders of the universe. When billions of stars are shining down on you, you can’t help but feel microscopic when compared to the vastness of the cosmos. Do you know the feeling we’re talking about? Have you witnessed the night sky in all its splendor, unobscured by the ubiquitous light pollution of the big city? If you haven’t, then you clearly haven’t been lodging in Westcliffe in Southern Colorado!

A stone’s throw away from one another, Silver Cliff and Westcliffe are unlike any mountain town you’ve visited before. Nestled amongst the Wet and Sangre de Cristo mountain ranges, these quaint mountain towns may have low populations, but they make up for it in the abundance of activities that they offer. With over 200 miles of hiking and biking trails, 54 alpine lakes, and easily accessible campgrounds in the San Isabel National Forest, these towns are truly hidden gems for a family vacation, a romantic retreat, and more!

When you stay in Westcliffe at The Lamp Post Lodge , Dark Sky Suites or down the way at the cozy and comfortable Hillside Cottages, you’ll find yourself within walking distance of some of the most exciting adventures that the Southern Colorado mountains can offer. While you have an array of things to do when you find yourself here in Westcliffe such as the Mission: Wolf Sanctuary or the historic Jones Theatre (don’t worry, we’ll get into these in future posts) one of the most popular activities for visitors of all ages is witnessing the dark skies of the wet mountain valley at Smokey Jack Observatory!

Witness The Night Sky Like Never Before

If you’re from the city, big or small, you’ve probably caught sight of a shooting star or two, but nothing compared to this. Dark Skies was founded in 1999 by a woman by the name of Suzanne B. Jack (Smokey Jack) who decided that everyone should be able to enjoy the Milky Way the way she was able to in Westcliffe. Although she has passed on, her legacy continues to awe visitors from all around the world.

The work by Dark Skies, Inc. not only brings people together under the night sky but helped lead the effort that certified the towns of Silver Cliff and Westcliff as an IDA International Dark Sky Community! 1st in Colorado, 9th in the world, and the highest— anywhere!

If you want a more personal experience stargazing, be sure to book a private star party at the Smokey Jack Observatory!

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We’re constantly adding more information to our site to ensure that you have the vacation of a lifetime planned out. Consider us and our site your personal travel guide to Southern Colorado! Whether it is during the winter or summer, as a family or a solo retreat for the outdoor enthusiast, we’ve got you covered. We love Southern Colorado and its array of activities and breathtaking scenery, and we know you will too! Book your room now!