When you’re driving into Southern Colorado from the Front Range, there will be a moment when the winding roads straighten out and a breathtaking view of the Sangre de Cristo mountains appear. This is your welcome to a land of entirely new possibilities—which are all the more exciting when you get to experience them as a couple.

If your idea of a romantic retreat involves adventure, then Southern Colorado will not disappoint: Within this unique system of peaks, rivers and dunes are countless opportunities for getting your adrenaline pumping with your favorite teammate of all.

Soak in view along Lake of the Clouds trail: There are truly dozens of snow-carved lakes with spectacular views to take your pick from in the Southern Colorado region, but some of the most popular are along the Lakes of the Clouds trail for good reason. The trailhead is located directly west of Westcliffe and climbs more than 2,000 ft. in the 10-mile out-and-back. Your efforts will be rewarded by incredible aspen groves, clear lakes and jagged mountain panoramas—all the more impressive when appreciated with your love.

Make a day out of the Royal Gorge: A hub at Westcliffe’s Lamp Post Lodge makes the perfect jumping-off point or a full day of fun at the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, which is open 365 days of the year. If you’re really seeking thrills with your sweetie, partner up for “The World’s Scariest Skycoaster,” a harness ride that will allow you to dangle 1,200 ft. above the Arkansas River.

Get your heart racing with white-water rafting: Although the peaks of Southern Colorado will be the first to catch your attention, it’s a mistake to overlook the region’s world-renowned rapids. Just 15 minutes away from the Hillside Cottages, the town of Cotopaxi is home to numerous activities & rafting outfits that can help you enjoy a day of paddling with your partner.

Realize how great the Great Sand Dunes really are: During your Southern Colorado vacation, don’t miss a visit to the Great Sand Dunes National Park, a truly unique juxtaposition of skyscraping mountains and wind-blown dunes. For couples, the dunes offers no shortage of fun options from snagging some sleds for the sandy slopes to off-roading and even some “beach time” during the late spring or early summer. On your way out, be sure to split a piece of pie from the Great Sand Dunes Oasis—you’ve earned it by now.