Fishing has been an avenue of peace and solitude around the world for centuries. It doesn’t matter if you catch anything or not, spending time by the water patiently awaiting a bite on your line is a special experience and a chance to free your mind and connect with nature. Whether finding some much-needed solace on your own — just you, your fly rod, and the fish— or having unforgettable bonding time with your kid(s) on your family vacation, fly fishing is an activity that everyone can enjoy. And when you’re lodging in Westcliffe at the Lamp Post Lodge or Hillside Colorado Cottages, you’ll find yourself near some of the best flyfishing spots in the country.

In Cotopaxi, just a mere half hour away from Westcliffe, you’ll find the Arkansas River which is known by experienced flyfishermen all across the nation for its abundance of beautiful Brown and Rainbow trout (you won’t even have to lie to your friends back home about the size of your catch!). In this post, we’ll provide you with a few reasons to add fly fishing to your Southern Colorado mountain getaway as well as options for a guided fishing adventure. So start perfecting your cast now, get your fishing gear together, and book your room now for the respite that only a fishing trip can offer.

Best Time of the Year For Fly Fishing

While some may be upset that summer is coming to an end, for Westcliffe and the rest of Southern Colorado, this only means a myriad of breathtaking colors as the leaves begin to change during fall, and even more activities to partake in! It also means prime time for fly fishing. With the sun still providing the warmth of its rays, but without being uncomfortably hot, your day on the Arkansas River will be more than just enjoyable. The afternoons will also provide some shade, which the fish enjoy as well!

The end of summer also means a calming from the river’s flow. Instead of sections with rushing white rapids, or areas that make standing still while wading in the waters difficult, this time of year is ideal to cast your line and take in the incredible scenery. Is there a better way to say goodbye to the warmer months than catching a few trout? We don’t think so.     

A Unique Experience

It’s understandable if you’d like to take your fishing gear with you and seek out a fishing spot of your own, but if you’re not from the area or not a very experienced fisherman, this could become tricky. But if you and your loved ones would like a fishing experience like none other, then you’re going to want to check out Arkansas River Tours. Not only can you decide between a half day of fishing to a 2-day fishing adventure, but also multiple options when it comes to the style of fly fishing you’d like to do. This includes wading in the Arkansas River or fishing while enjoying a rafting adventure, to combining the two of them!

The guides at Arkansas River Tours have the experience and knowledge of the area that you’re almost guaranteed to catch a fish. Even if you’re brand new to the fly fishing world, they offer an instructional fly fishing course prior to your fishing experience. As much as we know you’d like to mount the fish you catch as a souvenir from your unforgettable Southern Colorado vacation, catch and release is highly promoted and only flies and/or lures are allowed.  

Discover SoCo

So are you hooked on the idea of a late summer fishing trip? If so, there’s no better place to do it than the areas surrounding Westcliffe. And while you’re here, you have the opportunity to enjoy countless other mountain adventures including incredible hikes, views of the night sky that will change the way you think about the cosmos, and learning about and encountering wolves at Mission: Wolf, and more. We’re proud to be your online travel guide to Southern Colorado and will continue to provide you with activities around the quaint town of Westcliffe so make sure to keep following our blog. Book your room at the Lamp Post Lodge or Hillside Colorado Cottages now to have the mountains ready and waiting for you just outside your door!